Friday, October 11, 2013

The Job of being a Mom

...over my 29 year career of being a mom-- i have had 19 "other jobs" some  felt very fulfilling knowing i was helping others -other ones i can barely remember and know none remembers the magazine I delivered, the gas prices i polled, the product i demonstrated, the music or cookware I sold them -  maybe they remember something i taught them- A family portrait I took-- a fundraising goal I helped them accomplish or a way to stretch their body to do more --but maybe they don't---All of these things are a means to an end  -- i hope those who find fulfilling work can not feel tortured-tried and pulled every day --         ----- I do know My adult children know I love them and remember happy times --sad times and sometimes not  enough time-- But the hours- days and years spent making pictures in the clouds-- reading piles of library books--baking cookies--building snowmen--building towers of blocks --building school projects --chaperoning dances--being a room mom--memorizing scriptures-spelling words and  poems --collecting scouting for food---groundings---hiking- making mistakes---painting--drawing- cub scouting-up after midnight waiting for them to get home safe--gymnastics--bike rides--FHE-going to church--driving --were not forgotten --they were building character --building senses of humor-building- good citizens --building brilliant ,lovely, kind, imperfect adults who will be better parents than we were-- If you read this far I hope you enjoy all your jobs-and please know being a Mom is the hardest job you will ever love-and the most  important-


Robin said...

that is so true. we are so blessed.

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