Friday, November 07, 2008

Sky watch covered road

more Sky watch
Back in Feb i posted this as a favorite road picture

So I went back this week to get Fall color of the same road

and it is prettier but not in Full color yet

and I find it interesting that out the windshield you get a clear shot while moving and out the side window you can get an impressionist painting :)


kjpweb said...

Neat shots of an idyllic road!
Good skywatch!
Cheers, Klaus

Louise said...

The road almost doesn't even look the same. The full trees make such a difference. I love the impressionist painting!

imac said...

Love the shots, great post.

Catherine said...

I like pictures taken at different time. It is so different from a season to another. The cover is so thick and colored today.

It gives enough colors to your impressionist painting. We get the same imagination, Marcia.

Rhoen said...

loved your first shot! thanks for sharing!

Tanchi said...

nice one:)
keep em coming


SandyCarlson said...

These are gorgeous! Marcia, the road looks like a path to heaven.

Patricia said...

I liked your blog, it is so inspiring! I love motivation!
You have beautiful photos too, congratulations and thanks for sharing!
Happy Skywatch!