Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thursday Thirteen This was the bright spot of my week so: more park pictures

1. here are 13 more shots

2.I love this combo

3.and esp with this one:)

4 we wanted to show this one again

5.Fun posing in front of the picture displays

6. Which path should we take

7. We learned about cochenille

8. Turkey Vultures Spotted

8.We learned about Lichen and Galls

9.Pretty leaves

10. how to use landmarks not to get lost

11.about little Bluestem, Indians using it to detect oncoming buffalo and the like

12. and the deer of course



Paula said...

I loved that picture of the little hand with the lady bug on her finger....

Catherine said...

So do I.

Lawstude said...

would love to walk there and just leisurely take my time shooting pics. thanks for sharing your world.

Nicholas said...

What lovely photos!

anthonynorth said...

Some great pics there. Looked like a great day out.

Deanna said...

Wonderful pictures! Hope you're enjoying your week!

Yasmin said...

Great post...happy TT!

Donetta said...

Wow what a wonderful day