Thursday, September 14, 2006

What Famous people have you met

I was asked What Famous people have you met?
My experience w/ Famous people is they are so like us but I still get so nervous and try to play it so cool like I don't even know who they are so I don't put them out but I know they can see right through me. I use to work at health food store and restaurant at Orem mall 1982-1983 I got to cook for and serve Robert Redford several times and when I worked at Aspen Grove Family Camp Summer of 1982 We watched him jog often. I got to meet a lot of Church General Authorities there too: Neal A Maxwell offered to do my morning chore of sweeping the path on his way to play tennis. I was team captain w/ Elder Wells on Family Olympics and we did silly cheers together,, Like we nailed them, we nailed them in a hammering contest and I got to chat w/ Elder Abrea too. My son had Toby Harrah,( TX Rangers and Cleve Indians Baseball player and manager) as a little league BB coach and I just saw him at Home depot at Christmas. I waited on Marie Osmond at Bonneville bank in Provo in the late 70's too. I got to be in Forgotten Carols in 98 w/ Michael Mclean and talk briefly w/ him. Oh and the African American boy David on the Children's show Wishbone was our neighbor and my eldest's friend for years. I got to shake Elder Eyeing hand at stake Conf and cook for several GA as part of stake YW too that was the best


lovemycottagegarden said...

Hi Marcia! Enjoyed our visit so much that I came home and tried this blog stuff so I could quit lurking!! So here I am. I can comment you and drive you nuts!!Hahahehe!!

utmommy said...

Hi Marcia. I was surprised to see you commenting on my blog! You've met way more famous people than me.