Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Change changes things

When life throws us a few curve balls and we only know how to hit a slow straight pitch, we feel the only hope is to strike out and try again. Well I have had a few curve balls lately my son gettting married , both of my parents rapidly failing health, my only employee (who is a lovely young lady) quit working for me, Being hit by a falling box in Walmart and a myriad of other emotional and physical things, that I have been reeling a little. In the past when I have had several of these things happen at once I would tend to hole up, lick my wounds and close off a little piece of my heart so as not to get hurt in the same way again. I have tried very hard in the last few days to not react in this same way and prayed for the strenth to handle my emotions w/ my responsibilities, to not react w/a pity party and this is sometimes new territory to me (sad huh) I tend to whine and mope and then get over it, i am trying very hard to skip the whining and moping and embrace these changes because as we know, the only way to grow is through change.. I have had af ew old friends reach out to me just for fun and also compassate words from some friends for my whining and i am very grateful for that. But I want to just be able to embrace lifes happenings because this is my life and I am the one that signed on for this. I think this will be a long journey and it will take a stronger faith. Maybe that will be my motto Change takes Faith which is essentially Growth takes faith. I will remember the refiners fire that weakens the rough metals, to bend, stretch and knock off the rough edges so it can be stronger and more useful.


lovemycottagegarden said...

Curve balls catch me too. Wow! They kinda sting on impact. I am the worst at change. Daily challenge for me. Taking each grey hair in stride. When is your GSale. I am still interested in that VCR.

lovemycottagegarden said...

Oh yeah, Fast balls hurt really bad, especially when they hit you smack dab in the gut, make your bend over a heave, then leave a dark purple bruise for weeks to come. I have learned with a little meditation and lots of laughter the pain dulls.