Monday, October 02, 2006

Having Friends is wonderful

Having Friends is wonderful They give an ear to our woes, variety to our days, fun, new ideas, and help to shape who we are becoming. So if we have even one friend we can count ourselves blessed .Most of us have many levels of friends and all are important! Those we work w/ at PTA or some other community activity and( those who are employed have co-workers,) we usually keep these friends at arms length but are mutually helpful when we are able, once in awhile we find a gem in that group that really is precious to us.. We have those we work w/ at church and since we share the same values and beliefs we may become very close to these friends pretty quickly which is soooo nice especially when you move---- your church family is still there only w/ different faces. We all help one another and know we just have to ask and a casserole will be at our doorstep. I heard from an old friend recently and she said how she missed me and having a good friend who really knows me. I was very touched and reminded of how precious those old friends who do truly know you and all your history and loves you warts and all. Those friends are truly blessings if you have some of those your life is rich----- I am so thankful I have some of each, and I am still brought to tears w/ those unexpected acts of love and kindness from one dear friend to another.

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