Monday, January 08, 2007

Pretty Food

Does Pretty food taste better? We had my son's wedding reception here in Tx Sat night. We had such lovely food and decorations and all because of all the wonderful help we had. We had his bride Britni's wonderful parents. My tireless Hubby and 2 sons S and Z who spent many hours doing a beautiful canopy created by Dionne. My brother John Curtis Michael who is an event coordinator and soooooo talented coordinated most of the decorations and placement of the food and so many people. I will try to name some because when I think about it I am in tears from the generosity of all the people who helped. Tammy for housing John, taking him shopping, and moral support esp in VA. Cristy and all her multi- talentedand funny family who came and performed.
Robin who happily sewed the 2o-30 table toppers.
All the wonderful cooks who made cheesecakes, most thought they could not do it and did an excellant job :Ruth, Carol, Debbie, Lana, Julianna, Lois, Tori, Gary, Kriste, Jodi, me :) and I know someone else? and several others who were willing but we ended up having enough Carrie, Tammy,Theresa and all the people who brought dishes and serving utensils esp Theresa who saved us w/ all her pretty things. My children Z and B for the Favors.
All the choppers and assemblers Tori , Shauna, Lana, Debbie. Carol, Diane, Sandy, Dennis and more,
Tray setters and servers Tori, Shauna, Lana, Lois, Debbie, Carol, Sandy, Diane, Jenita,and Brooke and others . All the others who helped when they could : Tammy , Jimmy, DJ, Quinn, Leo on endless cleanup.
LeAnn, Brianna, Becca, and Jennifer and her girls Megan and Jessica w/ the announcements. If i haveleftsomeoneoff please forgiveme andknow you are appreciated so much what you did to help was so in your nature to help. The People who cleaned the building before and after . Rose and Susan for taking pictures. The cake lady at Abertsons, Deanna at the farmers MKT, Pam the flower lady. All our wonderful guests and their generosity for helping our kids start off their new life together. Some of whom I hadn't seen in a long time and some who we so missed that didn't make it,
Thank you, thank you, all I am so blessed to count you as friends and willing supporters in my families lives.


txmommy said...

You're welcome! We love you and were happy to help.

Yes, it tastes better pretty!

nikko said...
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