Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I found snow on 3 leaves:)
At least our roof is white:)
"Mom, i just woke up" Note time on clock, he actually is talking not scowling Tee Hee

" Snow angel' the garden hose is just a bonus
" snowman munchkin" and Halloween pumpkin still hanging in there

It is a snowday!!! woohoo, Stay home, hot chocolate, popcorn, movies ,clean closets, make snow angels and snowman munchkins!!! We all got to sleep in woo hoo!!! I do find it so hard to balance in my mind the amount of snow we saw in Utah 3-4 days ago and all the driving we did there w/ the amount of snow here and all the schools closed and the fact that we do not dare venture out on the oh so treacherous "Icy Tx roads". Why is it we can and are expected to drive in 2 foot snow there and not in 1/2 inch here. We are such delicate Southern Flowers aren't we? I like flowers too :)


txmommy said...

wow! you're a blogging maniac lately:)
I love the snow munchkin!

nikko said...

Now, why didn't we think of a mini snowman??

txmommy said...

AR is the amazing race.
When is Zach going?

Joyismygoal said...

I put in several dates was that the right way?