Friday, February 16, 2007

Gratitude (I am Thankful MEME)

I read an old friends blog and she was feeling down, as we all get from time to time, At times when I am feeling low if I write down the things I am grateful for or (Count my Blessings) and then I realize I have a lot to not be sad about. So i am grateful for:
1.Living in a State where the sun shines more than not (I love rain but more than acouple of cloudy days does me in)
2.My husband who still loves me after 25 years (go figure)
3.My children and their kindness to others
4.My useful body (tattered as it is I am able to do most of what I attempt)
5.Friends who love me despite me
6.Beauty in nature (in all seasons)
7.Forgivness (enabled by my savior Jesus Christ)
8.Knowing I am a loved child of God and that prayer works
9. Doctors and dentist where I go in for repairs
10 Recipes for yummy food
11. America and our Freedoms won by so many lives
12.Being needed
13.My home
14. Cars though I lament mine at times, it beats walking across the country (or city) to visit family
I could go on and on but I will stop here please add yours or email them


txmommy said...

good list!

nikko said...

I need to do this more often. Thanks for the idea. Your list is great. I, too, am glad for the sunshine!