Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nothing Earth Shattering Just Happy

This morning my son was upset, so all day he was on my mind. He is a very nice kid, I am very proud of him, and love him very much.
So after school I told him all that, and it branched out into how I have found happiness and how I regognize happiness. He still was not feeling well which contributed to his morning experience, but all afternoon we just chatted occasionally and he smiled more than usual. I guess what I am trying to say is we all like to hear how much we are loved and appreciated and that our small kindnesses do not go unnoticed.
Since I work from home he helps me A LOT !!. Among many other things--almost on a daily basis he lifts anywhere from 4- 12 boxes weighing 30-60 lbs in and out of my van before and after school and saves my aging back so much..
So I hope to be able to do that more, let those I love know, and those who help me know I am so grateful. It makes me happy to do this. and I think it made him happier today too...... Maybe not quite as happy as this picture from 11 years ago....... and nothing earth shattering .... just happy.


txmommy said...

you have a very nice son :) and what an adorable picture!

nikko said...

That is a great picture. I like your title -- and hope that I can be better about finding that "just happy" in my own life.