Sunday, May 27, 2007

What a grand nephew

We went to JRS 1st birthday party(my great nephew) he was very happy. I don't think he even noticed the 65 or so people in his home were all there for him. Since it was raining a lot of the time--- It was a little bit tight . My neice did such a good job w/the party. I know she worked so hard on it.... he loved his cake and mom and dad liked the little bench we gave him, Z put it together for us.

But, the best gift came from B, she spent 7 weeks on this portrait of Jr

She is so talented
his mama was so tickled------ her excitment was the only thing that held up when my taking 6=7 pictures because of camera trouble. Dad and B were like ok we are done now.

Daddy and Jr. really enjoyed the pinata

Mom and Jr after cake YUMMMM! A day for the history book of his life.

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nikko said...

Looks like a fun party! B did a great job on the portrait!