Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Last few days

My Mom has a new place and it is less than 5 miles away so I can go over often .
She seems to like it the apt it is bigger and lighter than the last places she has lived. today we sorted her pills into the daily pill planner and it was fun, go figure?

living room


This is one of the Irish Linen table runners S brought me from Ireland isn't it so lovely.

The other day, I got to swim for about an hour at the ward swim and I caught this very blurry picture of TXMommy and her daughter I love the expression on her daughters face you can tell how much she enjoys being w/ her Mom.

We went to dinner for my neices B-day last night at Razoo's it was fun

but everyone told me to tell the waitress it was her b-day and she got mad at me for embarrassing her hopefully not for too long.

M got in on the fun

Oh and this little gecko was on my bathroom wall today. I thought I lived in Tx not Panama .....well I hope it is true and he does eat spiders.


Shauna6pack said...

The resemblance between you and your mom in that picture is so strong! How sweet... Her new pad is very nice!

Ladybird said...

I like the kitchen.