Monday, July 16, 2007

Last Tuesday

The other day I did a post about counting my blessings after wallowing well last Tuesday was the day I wallowed. I woke up to a pretty normal sunny hotter than hot Texas morning.
I am sure I can paint you a lovely picture:The sun was boiling, the mosquito's singing, the ground starting to pucker after the glut of rain was so rudely sucked into the Texas clay.
I met my long (in more ways than one)suffering walking buddy. I got in my last morning walk before my knee surgery scheduled for Wednesday morning. I was exhausted I mean energized and excited for the day---- I had a long awaited Appt w/ a ENT Specialist an hour away-- at 2:00 and a conference call for work at 11:00. It was going to be close scheduling but I could make it work easily because that is what I do....... well...... The conference call did not prove to be the normal: thank you for your hard work, this is where our company stands at this moment, and this is the direction we are headed right now--- well actually it did go just like that except that the direction did not include "we" I and the 100 other people who hold my position found out we are being laid off as of July 27th . BAM!!! wow, I was totally knocked off my feet and yet not a bit surprised. How could I be both? Well... I have a great respect for the owner of this company I have been w/for 3 1/2 years. He is a good businessman, has been a very good leader and , teacher and is personable enough to ask of my son's surgery, and my moms health. I knew we lost a lot of money last year so... as surprised and disappointed as I am to leave this wonderful company, I knew the owner was too smart to keep loosing money.
Sooooo I no longer have a job............ I went to my scheduled works appts for the day and on to the
Dr. where after considerable talking, research, reviewing scans, tests, etc He determined that I must have had a virus that damaged the nerve that connects my brain to my taste buds, and though it will probably will not get worse,..... it WILL NOT GET BETTER!!!!!!!!!
This is the third Dr I have been to!!!!., Since about Christmas time I have been suffering w/a loss of my taste buds..
not for all things, though everything is lessened... it mostly deals w/ sweets.... most particularly I can not taste chocolate !!! I am not even a chocoholic but I did love it and when I crave it nothing satisfies the cravings... toothpaste tastes like metal or garlic yick,blech ...I was so pitiful I cried ....I know he did not tell me I had a dreaded disease(in fact I am very healthy) and for that I am eternally grateful... so mock me at will... I wallowed a while ,and mourned Mounds , Snickers, Dove, M&M's and Fudge. Yes ,I wallowed awhile and then I counted my blessings cause what else can I do?
bye bye


Ladybird said...

sorry for the delay abt the tagging. been busy at home.

txmommy said...

sorry :(((

Jennie said...

oh... i wish you could taste that great looking fudge! man oh man it looks good!

lovemycottagegarden said...

Ahhhh, I am soo sorry. Does not sound like a day to like at all. I hope your knee is feeling better. I am sorry about the taste bud thing, I cant even imagine losing chocolate buds.