Saturday, August 04, 2007

Lunch for VTand shower

I kinda did a deep clean before I had a luncheon here yesterday. It was nice to have my house clean and less cluttered, but it was even nicer to visit w/ some really nice ladies. We ate chicken pillows That TXmommy made (so, so yummy)and salads and 2 desserts:)and mine fell apart when I cut it .

Then I shopped till I dropped w/ B till late, (we got a Jamba yuMMMM) We had to take groceries to my Mom so we did no get home till 10:30! Today, I was cleaning in the garage, and went to a Bridal shower for a very sweet girl at church, Rachel made these beautiful cookies
and they tasted good too. She has the cutest little girls room for her cute, cute daughter.

I left my phone at my Mom's... so.. I ran over there got my phone, sorted her pills for a week, helped her go to the office and pay her rent, and now I am home. I am so tired today I feel like I am watching myself and I am not present,... odd feeling.


nikko said...

Hope you got some rest tonight! The lunch was fun. Thanks for inviting me. :o)

Kari said...

Oh my goodness...the pictures of the food are - no words come to me. I've been thinking of joining weight watchers. Maybe I should act on that thought...before I start nibbling on my monitor. lol

Enjoyed your blog, btw! Found it thru Annie's.