Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Sunday Perspective

I like Sundays.

I like that they are different than every other day.

I feel small (in a good way).

It's unplugged from the world and peaceful..

I like going to church it fills me w/ Joy.

Whether we go to church servives or not,
lets hope we take time to pause,
enjoy the beauty around us and
let our loved ones know how much they mean to us.
We know we are only here for a short time.
For all my friends and family---
- Thanks for being there and caring,
you mean the world to me.:>


Kayelyn said...

I like your list. Ditto to it being different than every other day. It's the day that helps me get through the week.

Kari said...

That's a lovely post.

I have a good life said...

I love Sundays, too! :) I guess Someone knew what He was doing when he gave us a Sabbath! As always, commandments are for OUR benefit, not His!

Rachel said...

I like the detachment from the world as well. It's just a different day, and thats welcomed in the busy world that we are normally in.