Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday Thirteen 13 Electronics that I could live without Electronics that I could live without, but why would I?

People are what I care about most and make me happy, but would those people make me as happy if i had to live without these electronics......? You tell me?
I thought I would start and end w/ the most crucial ones this is my favorite!!!! My Digital Camera is an extension of me I find so much joy snapping away I have been observed as loving doing this and I confess I could go back to my SLR but WHy?? there is no do-over, no instant gratification.

There are days I want to live w/o this but now I do not even have home long Distance and my kids who do not live at home don't even have land lines.

My battery toothbrush I could go back to a non moving regular brush but my tongue would not be as happy cause my teeth are so smooth w/ this.

Even this I sooo remember the days of being tethered by that curly cord when it jerked me back when running after a child that needed me..

What can I say I kinda like my identity

Now you all probably have had stereos all your life but being the 7th of 10 kids this is the first one I have ever had. We got it about 8 years ago I listen to the radio in the AM, CD'S esp on Sundays and many, many books on tape.

Now this one... I could go back to making it in the pan but then there is all that oil and flavor hmmmm??

Oh this is one of my Familes Favorites this makes fast yummy smoothies, sauces etc..They seemto be ready and waiting for us when we wake up

and this one chopps: eggs, nuts, carrots, chicken, dry Ramen for chinese Chicken Salad, onions and saves my hands and eyes I won't go back to living w/o it you can't make me.

This little thing does not save me time (just he opposite) It did not save me money. but what it does save me from is..... straight hair envy... I can go straight whenever I have the couple of hours to do it... I wish I had this in HS it would have saved all those scarey clothes iron hours, bending over the ironing board, trying not to burn me or my hair as I straightened my almost waist legth wavy hair.I could go back to that but I bet I would jst go back to straight hair envy w/o my Chi.

And this curling iron is fat... This a fat I can fully makes nice sized curls not just the small ones like we used to have to do. Curly hair needs not return to the little one.

I could not make great rolls till I got this Champ. good rolls, but not great so this is my Champ!!! It took me a while to get use to this for every day use but when my hand mixer broke there was no turning back.

and last of all would you give up your comp? Enough said!

Won't we all be glad when I am not so home bound by my recovery and I can post about something other than my things in my house!?!


amy said...

First, love the picture below!

Great list this week. What would we do without them?

Kari said...

What a great post! If I ever get done with my picture- printing/photo-clearing-out-of-my-computer project this morning, I may have to use that on my blog. Loved it!

Nancy J. Bond said...

I could live without a lot of things, but never without my computer. :) And the digital camera would be hard as well, so I agree with your first and last. :) Good list!

Trina said...

Oh! I Love your camera, I need a new digital and that one looks so nice... LOL I don't tink I could ever give up my computer, I'm addicted to Blogging. *sigh* Happy TT!

The Rock Chick said...

Why would you want to live without all of those things is right!!!! I know people complain about technology sometimes, but seriously, these things have sooo mnay good purposes why would anyone want to be without any of them?????

Especially the hair more frizzies!!

Happy TT
Jessica The Rock Chick

mom huebert said...

Sometimes I think I would like to live totally "off the grid"- it could be fun, if you're set up for it. But for now, I definitely do not want to be without my electronic toys and helpers. My list would also include my dishwasher and my washing machine, but not a hair straightener: I already have stick straight hair. Wanna trade for a day....? :)

txmommy said...

fun list
I am dying with out my digital camera, it's torture!

Jenny McB said...

I just realized that I am just not a cooking MOM...just the breadmaker, blender and crockpot.

You know, I still think a SLR takes a better picture, but I do enjoy the instant gratification. Enjoyable list!

Starla said...

I heart my shredder like no other! I specifically requested a certain model with certain features for last Christmas from The Hubby. He thought it was weird that I was so excited over a shredder.

Most of the things you listed I wouldn't want to live without either. Great TT. I may have to "borrow" it sometime.

Valerie said...

Ahhh, you have a magic bullet.....I was almost convinced one night! lol