Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Just thoughts out of my head now in writing

I went out for an early morning bike ride and all the sudden it was Autumn!!It was a positively invigorating, chilly 60 degrees! Now you know I must have been in Texas a long time when I think 60 is chilly (24 1/2 years)but it was awesome!1

I needed to clear the cobwebs of yesterdays out-of-sorts day-- Nothing that bad but not so good either I got to sleep in till 7:30 which was very nice started a mountain of laundry I seriously kept it going all day and still have 3 loads left i should not let it get that far and usually don't but... I did. Well since it was a holiday everyone was home and I usually love those days . Z had an early AM FB practice and DH was cutting down a tree. I should have been out there helping-- I was taking him water throughout the AM and after Z rested got him out there to help.
I was trying to get to the grocery store all morning but somehow couldn't make it till 1:30pm it took me like 2 hours 'ugh' to get Mom's and mine and now I know why I haven't done a big shopping lately it can give ya a heart attack when you see the total YIKES!! Then when I brought them home I had separated Mom's and Ours carefully hers inside, ours in trunk and when they helped me bring them in they mixed them and brought in hers too .
Why this bothered me enough to say something I do not know? I wish I could just say oh those are Mom's and take them back out but I think I get mad at me for not saying anything and them not reading my mind??? I need to get better at this DH had been being so sweet and i was impatient --Not my best trait:<
Then I took Mom her stuff, put it away ,threw out some stuff inf fridge, and started her dinner. We went to her Apts' library and watched a DVD of M's kiddos and J and L on the computer. They sent it for her B-day it was very sweet. I was also able to show her my blog and some of her party pictures. She got n electric wheel chair and so it is so much easier to go up and down the hallways ,(except for the bouncing off the walls part:>)
When we got back ,i finished her dinner served it for her to eat later and put two dinners in fridge, I left there at 6:30 and went to work out it felt so good and i can now do 20 push ups easily Woo Hoo!1 I had built up 3 years ago to 60 but just recently have started again. But when I got home I had forgotten DH had wanted to go to the booster Mtg and watch FB films but Z and I had the cars :< so he was disappointed ,i wish he would have called, My sisters Hubby called tos ay my sister was staying another night in the Hospital for her Vertigo she still could not walk and got a little worse , Oh My! I wish I had gotten up there today.
We had a subdued family night and I apologized for being impatient, The guys went to bed early and I stayed up to veg for awhile.
I am so glad each day starts fresh
I was sorting some papers this AM from the closet and found an old journal from college It was so enlightening I did a lot back then I worked , went to school, taught SS, planned the activities, and dated several times a week and wrote about it all I seemed more mature than now in many ways but talked about hand holding and good night kisses in such a way that I could tell my age :>


txmommy said...

I love your old photos! Look at your hair, it was so long!

Sorry you had a bad day.

Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing. It is fun to learn more about you. Cute picture!

Ladybird said...

A long-haired you.

Kari said...

Wow. You had a busy and hectic day, didn't you? Sorry you had some rough spots, but it's good that you can discuss them with your family and work to get back on track. Sometimes it feels like I spend more time mad about something than smiling. I don't know why that is. I'm just so darn touchy these days! But I'm sure I'll get over this, too.
Love the picture...I should post one of me from when Randey and I were first married. I had really TALL hair. lol Big hair was IN and I had no idea just how fashionable I was. ha,ha

Skittles said...

I just wanted to let you know that your caption made it to the voting round. The post will be up shortly. :)