Monday, December 31, 2007

My Weekend

We went to take R&B to the airport

and after we dropped them off I saw this sign several times and took a picture and I wanted to do that and go back and get them,

We had had a very nice Whirlwind visit w/them and they were going home.. My Hubby and I went to Deseret Book Store and to get some yummy soup at Le Madeline and we got a phone call to go back and get them their flight was way delayed and so they rebooked for Monday and so we did get to Go Back:)

So this weekend we just relaxed together, played games,R worked on his Resume B chose a kitty to get sometime soon and they celebrated their 1st anniversary on their own.
We went to a reception mistakenly late so this was the view we got of the Bride and her Mother starting to hug goodbye.

It was cute She had always said she wanted pizza and root beer at her reception and so they did.

We also had Grandpas (my FIL)over on his birthday for dinner he is such a great Man!

I love his stories and the fact that he raised such a wonderful son.

I love these two picture of him trying to get Z to share some of his abundant hair

We have had a great Holiday and now we go to the Airport again.

thanks for coming R&B we will miss you even more now that we have had you here for a little bit.


Carver said...

Great weekend snapshots. So cool to get to go back to the airport and have him home longer. Have a happy new year ahead.

Regina said...

Wow, great shots. I can tell you had a ball!
Happy New Year to you and yours!

Blessings, Regina

jennyr said...

looks like a lot of fun for the weekend! great photo especially the one with bubbles, i like that!Hehehe!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! My WS is at Hobbies and Such

Sandy Carlson said...

Happy new year! These are wonderful photos full of a family's love. Thanks so much. God bless.

Jennie said...

how cool!

happy new year!

Gellianne said...

Happy New Year!
Seemed fun!