Saturday, January 05, 2008

Pet meme

pet Meme

First I have to post the rules:
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7 Random Things About My Pets:
1.we had a male cat all my growing up years he was snow white and was the king of the alley cats in our area, he was one cool cat, He often brought us treasure to the upstairs landing of our house of birds he caught, ewww. I used to scream loudly in fright when I would wake up and My hand would be touching his fur.I do not think he let all his cat friends know his name at our house was Kitty:>
He looked a little like this cat.

2,We had a much beloved dog named Duke who belonged to my brotherjohn, he so loved Duke and credits him w/ saving his life and is even published in a book about amazing dogs-- he also chased some trespassers into our tree and kept them there till we came home. When he died a sad death of Dis-temper we all cried for many days including the neighbor kids.
He looked nothing like this dog but was of similar size and color

3 We had numerous fish that never lived long enough to get named. We won them at the County fair that was close to our home each year at the end of summer --Maybe we stunned them w/the ping pong balls we had to throw into their bowls to win them:>

4.We had the best smartest dog named Pokey He was a cockapoo He used to wipe his feet before coming in the front door, especially when asked. , We would hold up the broom stick and casually say jump and he would jump over it. My mother used to smoke and would say Pokey get my cigarettes and he would get them!! He was sooo smart he always amazed us and was the wonder dog in the neighborhood carnivals we used to put on.
5 We also had numerous hamsters that were always a little scarey to me because they were sooo fast and then they had babies and the Mom chewed them up and chewed her own foot off--- ewww--- I think the inbreeding amongst hamsters was evident in
our house

6.We have lots of pretty fish the past few years that are soo well cared for by my hubby and daughter lots of adventure w/ each addition will they adjust or die? when the power goes out and all that

We lost our preciousDog Cocoa 2 years ago Sept she was a loving, fun, smart, dog too she knew each of our temperaments and responded differently to each of us I still miss her
i tag jenny ,kari,mrsmonkey butt, hootin annie, julie and kim


Pretty Life Online said...

wow! cute photos! thanks for your comment... hope I have answered your question... just visit again my blog if you get some time... Have a great day!

Jennie said...

thanks for the tag... i will do it this week! fun!

Playful Professional said...

I think it's really funny how this meme started out as 7 random things about yourself and has changed into 7 random things about your pets :) I get bored with the random things so this is better anyways.

julie said...

Thanks for tagging me,Marcia. My post has been done but I haven't published yet. I will publish sometime this week. I hope its ok. Will let you know when its published already.

Have a great week ahead!

btw, I love your delicious photos,especially the fruits.I haven't tasted fresh raspberries yet (if those were raspberries).

Rusty said...

Enjoyed reading your responses. My dog was tagged for this last week.

julie said...

Marcia, here is my Pet Meme:

I had fun doing this. Thank you :)

Have a great weekend!