Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Dad

My dad is a soft hearted man who sees good in people, that others may not. His parents were sweet and teasing in nature and passed that on to him. He was voted best dressed in High School so I know my families love of nice clothes is genetic.:) Even when he went to his 20th class reunion he was the best dressed there,w/ his white bucks.
He has been a Fireman, a car body repairman,( he could take most wrecks and make them sparkle),an insurance adjuster and a car parts delivery man in his retirement. Can you see he loves cars,he could name the make,model and year of every vehicle we ever zoomed past on the roads. And I do mean zoom, my love of speed is genetic too. He has been 'Dad' to countless children, and Mac to many more. He has helped people out a lot whether fixing cars, helping them buy cars, giving rides or making them laugh. He has a playful nature and I got my 'punning' from him. One time when I went home for a visit, having not been home for many years, my oldest brother, my dad, and I all said the same pun, at the same time, as we walked up to his truck it was very funny. I also got my curly hair and strong short legs from him:>

Growing up 7th 0f 10 children, having any one on one time with a parent was rare, but I was blessed to go to camp one summer at the downtown Y, afterwards I would go to my Dads work after to ride home w/ him and we sang a song as he worked 'John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt' ( or is it Smith?) and I rode on some of the car repair equipment. That was a bright spot in my childhood
I remember him doing my Math homework at the kitchen table.(I never did like it much:>), wiping my nose, driving me to play practice and church. I have fond memories when I smell cigar smoke, that should be nasty to me, but is so the opposite.

I married a man who grew up having only sisters, like my dad, and they have a few other similarities like a soft heart and the desire to help others.
I love my Dad, he is very ill right now I will be going to Ohio to see him very soon.


nikko said...

Hope you are able to spend some time with him soon. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of your dad. You look a lot like him!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I'm so sorry to hear your father is ill. He sounds like an absolutely wonderful person!! I hope he recovers soon. I'll be thinking of you and him and hoping to hear good news.

Playful Professional said...

Hope he's doing better :(

julia said...

Sending a prayer for your dad, who looks and sounds like a real friend to all who know him.

Robin said...

thats a great tribute to your Dad. I know you love him and your acts of kindness this past year lets him know it to.. I know he is greatful to have you as his daughter

txmommy said...

sorry. I hope you get to see him soon and that you ahve a great visit.

lovemycottagegarden said...

I am sorry I have never had the pleasure to meet your Dad, he sounds like a very interesting soul. You two look a lot alike. It is difficult to see our parents struggle with health problems. I know he will enjoy seeing your smile soon.

K- said...

I will add your dad and your family to our prayers. He sounds just like the dad of my dreams. I learned to have a good relationship with my dad, but then he passed on, so we got the last four years of his life as our good ones.

Hope your dad gets to doing better.