Monday, January 14, 2008

Skinny post

So I missed the photo hunters challenge last weekend the theme was skinny and I wanted a different take so this is what i was going to post : I want to read the Bible from cover to cover

I read it often and completed it in parts several times in my life --but not straight through and I thought if I wrote this goal down I might really do it!! My friend
txmommy who I admire greatly is trying to read 7 pages a day to complete all the scriptures in a year.. Well I figured if I read 5-6 pages a day I might get the Bible read straight through this year! anyone want to do it w/ me? When I was looking at it and thought no wonder I have read the whole New Testament more it is skinny

compared to the Old Testament

I like ironic things, how skinny the book is that holds such weighty important things.

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