Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Do you have a Family history?

My hubby has created a spreadsheet of all of our lives from birth to present so we can create a family history of sorts--- at least the mile stones.--- It is such an easy way to this, that in about15 minutes I had fleshed out my HS and college years easily and will continue to update it from time to time .. My problem is my memory If you can remember some milestones of our lives that could help please drop me a line I would be so grateful-- I love this idea-- our names, starting with family (for things that happened to all of us) are across the top and the years are down the side. My daughter has such a good memory that it really helps.


Wesley Jeanne said...

What a neat idea! I'm trying to get my mom to write down some of her memories for my children. Something like this might help her organize it better.

Playful Professional said...

What do you mean he created a spreadsheet of your life history - like dates of milestones and events or like a journal of sorts?