Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh! well.......

21 words


I am out of sorts today I am off to read and exercise to try and get back on track
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lovemycottagegarden said...

Lucky for you! It is good to get off track every once in awhile, it makes us appreciate the track we run. Have a great day! By the way, what are you reading?

Playful Professional said...

out of sorts huh.. any particular reason? I'm not in any of the pictures because I didn't like any of the ones taken of me. You should know that... I'm not a big pictures of me person especially not for the entire world to see!

nikko said...

Hope you have a great day! I liked how you're logging your exercise stats. I should do that too!

Chuck said...

I'm so with you. I've been taking time off myself. Meditation and working out is freeing...have a gr8 day, Marcia.

Scribbit said...

I'm just amazed by your workout stats--I'm in awe! Hope the break gets you back on track you superwoman you!

Kostas said...

I thank for the visit in my blog!
Splendid blog, with marvellously posts, and amazing comments! A hot tea with one spoonful honey you will relax and you it will make leave the thoughts from this your brain you will make take energy again!

Playful Professional said...

101 WPM :)

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! That's awesome that you and your hubby and your son met their spouses the same place I did :) Thanks for the nice comment on my new look!!! BTW, judging from your profile picture, you look so much like my best friend! I love getting your comments! Have a great day!

Shauna6pack said...

I did leave a comment yesterday but it didn't show up. So THERE!

Melanie said...

I loved the typing test- I got 73 words per minute!