Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Weekend

Friday I got to walk w/my good friend I had not walked w/ her in a while- we did our 4 miles easily, it felt great!!
I went to a RS presidency mtg, to the grocery store, home to make a fruit tray and a game for a shower at the Y.

It was for our Yoga teacher, she had a sweet little girl a few weeks ago. Everything was all pink and pretty .

Good food, good fun, the game I brought was the melted candy bar in the diaper, you are supposed to look, smell, and guess which candy bar is in there--- bizarre I know-- but even more bizarre was this man kept eating the milk duds right out of the diaper ewww

I think Mom liked the gifts I got them

and I got her to model a couple

It was a nice time

The next AM we worked around the house some and then went to the Funeral broadcast of Gordon B. Hinckley it was so nice, the photo montage while the tabernacle choir sang was so touching and the bagpipes at the grave dedication were just the perfect touch
We then went to my Sisters, Costco, Walmart, a clothing store, dropped off my Mom's groceries,then home. I got the Hairspray DVD free from the Redbox rentals (thanks B)to watch but no takers at my house-- Z went to a movie-- hubby and I rested and I worked on my lesson for Sunday ..
I think my lesson went well--It was on learning and loving learning. Church was so nice as usual Tonight after dinner-- as I was taking my mom her dinner I saw this beautiful sunset and had to take some pictures

The pinks are so pretty

AS it darkened the pink turned orange



**"Liza"** said...

Looks like you have a fun weekend with your friends and pretty busy too..;)Like those kind of mommy gathering I find it very fun. Anyway I like the shot of the sunset..Glad you had a wonderful weekend.. :)

Isadora said...

:) Looks as thought the sky celebrated the shower with all of you. Picture perfect for the occasion. All of the guests look pleased, the setting is colorful and the celebrant looks like she is worn out and will sleep through the night :) Nice week-end behind you. Have a great week.

By the way - I've always believed that joy is the by-product of living a life according to God's commands. Wish you much joy!

nikko said...

I had totally forgotten that you told me she was expecting! How fun!

I love the pink sunset pictures. :o)

genny said...

Thats very nice shots and interesting one. TC

Carver said...

Wonderful weekend shots. Sounds like a good, full, weekend.

Sandy Carlson said...

What a marvelous weekened. I didn't know the diaper game. That's pretty funny!

poor man's nicole richie said...

pink is pretty and it's the new black.
i like your shots esp. the infant holding onto to an adult's finger.

Morning Sniffles

Playful Professional said...

What a great weekend. We missed the funeral but heard it was amazing, but we did have an overall good weekend. R was stressed but I was nice and relaxed!

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a lovely cake. Looks like a fun baby shower.

I love the beautiful sunset.

Natalie said...

What a lovely weekend! Our Sacrament meeting kind of turned into a tribute to Gordon B Hinckley. I thought about bearing my testimony and talking about the couple times I met him...but the baby wouldn't stop fussing. :(

My Weekend Snapshot

txmommy said...

how fun! I knew she was pregnant but didn't know they were having a girl!

mousey said...

your weekend was enjoyable. the cake is yummy and your pictures are great!

♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Wow great photos. Love everything.
Great stuff for the baby girl as well. Have a great day!

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

It sounds like you had a nice weekend! Your pictures of the sunset are pretty. Good job on 4 miles too! Wow. :) Do you do that often?

napaboaniya said...

I can't seem to view all the photos :( I can only see 1 picture which is the baby with the cute bib on her neck :P

Regina said...

What lovely pictures!!