Sunday, March 16, 2008

Journal entry
Church was so nice today the Bishop touched our heart's deeply w/ his message and the stake leaders were so powerful and inspiring (it was our ward conference)--I have heard R's message he gave 4-5 times now and still get something out of it. My friend Tori sang 'This is the Christ' as a solo, she is so talented! It was powerful and touching. I like when I sit beside her in meetings or choir cause when I sing I tell myself I sound just like her (Huh hum) well I can dream:)
Yesterday we went to a wedding this sweet lady is in her 80's and met her groom while doing mission work in Mexico and they fell in love--She puts me to shame w/ her energy and drive. It was so sweet she cried through the whole thing-- it was all in Spanish but I understood some of it.
Flowers from outside temple

We also went to a Single Adult conference thet R had responsibilities for- Too many to count gave a workshop on parenting and was awesome! I caught the tail end and it was so good and the people responded well. the whole Conference went so well so many people worked so hard
the dinner was tasty and cute

the speakers were so good I felt very lifted up and it wasn't even for me.

Got grandson?

We also celebrated my sisters b--day this week at Mancusco's, good Italian food I liked my manicotti

and I liked my Cannolli

better than the one from little Italy in NYC shocking isn't it!!!!!

I have so much to say, what a couple of month's this has been. Part of me wonders if we even had Christmas this year? Time seemed to stop from the time our house flooded mid December and I have just been functioning on the thing that needed to be done in the next few hours.(and blogging makes me forget what I need to do sometimes so I have a schedule now that will hopefully be better for that.
I have been sick like 5-6 times since the first of January w/ all different things that are boring to everyone Including me and just find it bothersome.

Traveling 2X's has been fun but I guess that added to being sick I so enjoyed spending time w/ my siblings. I think being close to one's siblings takes some effort i would love to be close to all of mine but... all I can do is try

I can hardly believe Z's senior year is almost over. My Children are all so different from each other in how they enjoy things and react to things. Z is so kind, and easy going.and senior year is more of a marking time than fun or angst like some kids.
I have this quilt project going for the RS Birthday and I fear it is way more than I can handle my regular helpers are not available the few I have are so amazing but I need a bit of a miracle if I we are to get 13 quilts made in less than 2 weeks I know I got too late of a start --I do not know what I was thinking (I wasn't thinking) )that is the problem.
I need to get my flower beds going maybe I can use some YW this week they are doing a fund raiser for camp. Maybe they can help me clean and get ready for the 'neighbors group' garage sale in a couple of weeks.
My mom is getting things mixed up some and I need to gain more patience in responding to her.
I kept wondering why I just couldn't accomplish much lately but since I went to the Dr on Fri and on antibiotics I feel sooooo much better and energized but they tear up my stomach.
Well I'd better close for now I need to go p/u my sister who is getting out of the hospital.


Jennie said...

i love this journal entry! how cool!

hey... check out my blog...tell me what you think about my big give!

Playful Professional said...

it really is amazing how fast people grow up. Everytime I see Bren and Briel, I get sad because I'm missing so much. They just keep getting older and older. Brennen will be a junior next year, but he's still my little brother :(

Anonymous said...

hey if you need help with the quilts, i'm off on wednesday and friday and this week, so i'd be willing to help if you still need it!!

lovemycottagegarden said...

Awesome stories, I miss the updates! Our kids are getting older. I cant believe graduation is just around the corner.