Thursday, March 06, 2008

Skywatch Friday New York Skies

Since this weekend was my... I think 4th trip to NYC, and we were there for my brothers Birthday, I did not feel the need to do all the tourist things we have done before. I also cannot go there and not fall in love w/the amazing buildings. So, this week will be some of the different skies and buildings I saw there ---
first the sunrise from the airplane as we leave TX

Then the first thing you do do when you get to NYC is have your first of many harrowing Taxi rides I caught these smoke stacks first (They appeal to me for some reason)
Then one of the awesome bridges
When we get to my brothers we see the most amazing sky you'll ever see indoors --he had this painted by a famous painter, when the lights are raised it is day
and when lowered-- it is night -- it is so wonderful

So I am just taking you along w/ me on our travels looking down the street after our dinner at thr French culinary Institute (see previous article)
The next morning we went out shopping
the skies changed a lot that day
I truly love these buildings
These ducks reflected a pretty sky on Canal Street where I bought a purse
Little Italy where I had my first Canolli
i had forgotten how the buildings have their own water towers
We saw this unique "billboard" being painted on this building

Computer trouble more NY Skies next week


WomensDaily said...

I absolutely love NYC and I love writing about it. The pics are great, I hope you had a fabulous time!

Playful Professional said...

Looks like you got some great sky pictures :) Now where are the pictures with people in them.

FRIGGA said...

What great pictures! I really like the building there in the 9th (I think it was the 9th) one. But the ceiling is very cool, I wonder how the artist did that.

Happy Friday! :-)

Anonymous said...

I can only say thank you for such a wonderful trip around Big Apple.
Ah, and the ceiling on that room is unique.

Carole said...

Since I'm originally a Brooklyn girl, I can say with some authority that these are great shots of NYC. Just a purse? No fake Rolex? The taxis are wild rides in the City, but the last time I drove through Texas 4 chairs fell off a pickup in front of me, and I had to swerve/swerve/swerve at 60MPH to get around them. You've got your adventures too. LOL.

Old Wom Tigley said...

That ceiling is stunning.. I am well impressed with that. And thank you for taking us on a trip around NYC.. :O)


Lyn said...

all of your photos were just amazing great job!

Yolanda said...

These are all good thanks for sharing them..

Sol said...

Hi there! Wow, I`ve never been to NY,and I guess I will never get there, but I absolutely love your photos....Thanks for showing them. Hugs from Norway.

Pernille's ting og tang said...

Wonderful collection of sky-photos. Thank you for charing:)
Have a nice weekend:)

Kim said...

Thanks for taking us on your trip. I really liked the reflection of the sky in the window.

Anne-Berit said...

Great shots,the first one was gorgeous:o)

KOSTAS said...

I thank for the visit and your good reasons!
You marvellously have very good blog with posts, beautiful photographs and splendid comments!
Nice Weekend!

Annie said...

What a change of pace, from the wide open spaces of Texas to the tall canyons of NYC. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time and will bring home many tales to tell.

SandyCarlson said...

Your brother's skies are gorgeous! I too like the smoke stacks. They look so purposeful. These are wonderful shots. Thanks for a trip to NYC today.

Misty Dawn said...

What an absolutely wonderful post!!! I love the sky on the ceiling!!! And, the first photo is gorgeous!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Those are some amazing photos you have there. How was the Canolli?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely tour! I've still never been to NYC and it's one of the places I've always wanted to see.


Beautiful shots!

Have e nice weekenk!

Santilli, from Brazil

Daniel J Santos said...

excellent moments, well done.

Sharon said...

Wonderful! It looks like you were having a great time in NYC. I visited there two years ago, no relatives there, and in 5 days we did lots of tourist stuff. Did a WHOLE LOT of walking.

becky voyles said...

You have some very interesting shots here. I esp liked the painted ceiling. That was awesome. I'd have a cramp in my neck from looking up at it all the time. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.