Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #45 pictures of my Easter/Spring Decorations

A lady came to my house to see my Easter decorations

Maybe your somebunny who is tired of the rain and mud

and whether you can go outside or not you are ready to play

or just see something pretty.

Mature bunnies

and young chicks alike

think Chocolate is soo good

You can Quack up if you want

Just don't be too much like Ma and Pa Bunny

Grab your little ones

Your friends

or lovebirds

And hunt some eggs whether glass


or plastic

This week being a basket case is Fun!


Nap Warden said...'s Easter at your house:)

Playful Professional said...

Very cute. One day I'm gonna get holiday decorations... I did dye Easter eggs tonight, but that's about it.

Adelle said...

I love the bird nest. Happy T13!

The Gal Herself said...

What a special, timely TT! This is the only Easter-themed one I've seen today, and you did it so well! (Thanks for visiting my TT)

Anonymous said...

Look what you've done. After successfully kicking my stuffed animal collecting habit, your TT has left me needing a bunny for the season.

Ah well, I'll be back on the "our apartment is too small for one more plush toy" wagon any day now. *Grin*

Happy TT


jennifer said...

I love your decorations and the photography is great!!!

Happy Thurs. 13!


Dane Bramage said...

great pictures but you have to tell us more about you Medusa-like powers of turning little creatures into stone!

My #72nd Thursday Thirteen is up. It is the 13 Photos from the Photo Meme Stop by if you get a chance.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Very lovely!

I know a lot of people around me didn't decorate this year because the holiday was too close to St. Patrick's Day and it didn't seem worth four days of decorations.

Darla said...

Ever since we moved here, where storage is up a steep rickety ladder in the attic, that's where my Easter decorations have stayed. Next year we'll be in a different house, and I'm going to make sure my decorations are where I can get at them! Thanks for sharing yours!

sarah said...

That made me smile: ) thanks for visiting my TT.

Sandy Feet said...

Okay, this inspires me to dig back up in my attic for more fun, springy, eastery things I've forgotten about.

Thanks for the reminder.

SandyCarlson said...

What fun! Easter is a delightful holiday. I love decorating for it, and I love what you've done here.

In response to your question re labyrinths in Texas, I found this link:

There are 112 in Texas; maybe one is near you!

Toni said...

Great decorations!! I did not get any out this year but I know as Hunter gets older it will be a must!!

Thanks for stopping by my place.

Have a Great Easter.


kelly said...

wow... I am so not this festive. You put me to shame.

maggie's mind said...

Aw, those are adorable. I hope you enjoy the holiday!

DrillerAA said...

Very nice pics. Just a reminder that Spring is almost here.

Thanks for stopping by BrainFreeze.
Have a wonderful T13

the teach said...

Oh Marcia, I love all your Easter things - bunnies and chicks and eggs and chocolate!! I have a lot of Easter bunnies in my breakfront - gifts from my sister-in-law!

BTW Central Park IS my front lawn!! LOL! :D

Ornery's Wife said...

Very cute list, loved the commentary with the photos. Thanks for visiting Miller Manor--happy TT!

icey98 said...

great pictures. I love the food ones further down your page too. makes me feel all hungry ha ha!

Tina from

Tasina said...

Well I was going to comment on how pretty everything looks...but I got all distracted by that Dove chocolate!! Yummy!!!

Happy TT

lovemycottagegarden said...

Great fun Easter picture story!

beautyredefined said...

I'm not sure I have any fancy decorations, but looks like your house is fully into spring. I like the "Grab Your Little Ones" photo, particularly.

jennwa said...

I love all of your Easter decorations.

Have a great Easter!!!!

Chelle Y. said...

It must be fun living in your home!