Friday, April 18, 2008


Today I am so thankful for my My friends and family those I see and those who live in my computer:) I feel very blessed and joyful to have you my life. Even in the times of turmoil the world is in I am grateful to be alive another year. To have lovely people and a beautiful world to enjoy. That is the purpose of this blog to try to showcase through photos and words the good people and things in my life that bring me Joy!


cat said...


Richard said...

And speaking on behalf of ALL of us that live in the computer, WE think that you should get a bigger screen becuase we are all cramped in here! Not to mention the dust. We are people in a box, and we cannot clean on the outside of our box ourselves. We need you outsiders' help! So have another great year, but please be mindful of all the noise you make late at night while you are hammering on the keyboard!!
Ha! Ha!
I love you!!

marcia said...

thank you to my dear sister cat and thank you son you are such a hoot, I miss that banter and I will dust off your box, but will continue to hammer sorry it is how I construct my posts:)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear marcia, happy birthday to yoooou! and many more on channel 4, scooby doo on channel 2, frankenstien on channel 9, big fat lady on channel 80, dixie chicks on channel 6, G.I. Joe on HBO.

hope you enjoyed my singing! :-P and are you guys going to lunch next week? grandma wanted to know.

Love My Cottage Garden said...

Happy Birthday sweet friend. When is our next hike? Eagle Mountain State Park Nature Trail???

Tori said...

Happy Birthday from far away LA!