Monday, April 21, 2008

The rest of the Weekend

Lots of my family called and sang for my B-day and Britni, did a sweet post on her blog.--lots of blogging comment wishes- Brooke sang on my blog -and some texts too-- thanks to all:)
Z and B gave me some gifts early since we are having cake etc.. tomorrow

Do these gifts counter act each other?

This weekend we went to what is swiftly becoming a favorite for me for lunch

and to the Main Street Arts Festival in the Evening

lots for kids to do

SO much talent all in one space

this was in a mirror buildimg

This guy had a great seat

These were the YO YO entertainers while on the news

I liked it
and i got some of these that were like ones I saw there I brought several home to see which matched better do you have an opinion

Sat I went to this sweet ladies baptism

We had a short visit from 2 sweet people today one w/ cookies (no pic we ate them all) and one w/ some pretty Gerber Daisies

Oh and this is the fun gift my brother sent I can't wait to use it


nikko said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a great weekend. :o)

txmommy said...

did you just love the arts festival?
Happy Birthday!!

e-Mom said...

Is it the inside of a bundt pan?
Thanks for visiting Splash*

Richard said...

I think the red one would look better in our apartment!!

Love My Cottage Garden said...

becca should have had a booth at the festival! It looks fun. Next year I am going for sure.

Julia Smith said...

What a dreamy arts festival weekend. Thanks for posting all these pics so we could go, too.

WillThink4Wine said...

Oooh, Lindt Truffles! Yum!! looks like you had a very Happy Birthday!