Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #50-- things about me w/ letter M

since the theme of this weeks TT is to choose a letter and list things that are about yourself that start w/ that letter-- I chose the letter M

1.M for Marcia I never liked my name when I was young but it grew on me and Now I like it lots

2. Macro Photography I enjoy it and all photography sooo much

3.Mom this is when I was a busy Mom of young kids in the early 90's(the year not my age)

4, M is for Music I like all kinds Classical to country to pop all except loud that is

5.I used to collect Mickey Mouse and this is one of the the nicest MM gifts I got from my sister

6. M is for makeup I came to make up late in life I used to think it was such a nuisance now I am grateful for the camouflage

7&8 The only women's magazine I subscribe to right now IS martha Stewart's living Martha used to intimidate me --now I embrace what I can do and don't worry about what I can't

9. m is for mobile Phone I have the Love/hate thing going on here-- how did I live 10 years ago w/o one and Why can't I leave home w/o it now

10, Maps like the old world kind i have them in several spots in my home as part of my decor

11 I so do not like taking meds I prefer more natural means but I know they are sometimes necessary

12. m is for meals I enjoy preparing healthy meals- cooking and baking

13. making people sMile whether though silly games or my word play there is nothing like causing a smile or a chuckle to make me smile too

What is aa m word that describes You?


TLC said...

hi, I like the use of all the photos! Nice. I was going to say I couldn't think of one word that describes me with an M, but I realized, musical.

Robin said...

Mystified would describe me right now. I've spent the past hour trying to figure out whether or not my son has a birthday party to attend this afternoon or not. This shouldn't be that hard to establish.

cat said...

muscular, methodical, messy, misinterpreted, manic, mercurial.

nikko said...

What a fun post. I learned somethings about you. :o) Thanks for coming over yesterday. I loved our visit!

anthonynorth said...

As it's 'm', Marvellous photos, I say!
#12 made me feel hungry.

Playful Professional said...

My M word has something to do with a secret job :) That and madly awaiting an important phone call. Or madly in love... or who knows.

Trisha said...

Great photo T 13! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...


Mom. That's the M word that describes me. I can't be musical, or merry, or monstrously fun. Nope. Just ... Mom.

I have a good life said...

I LOVE the picture of you with your kiddos. You still look so young and beautiful. The kids have just grown so much. Love the M's.

txmommy said...

those are really good "M"s!!

Jennie said...

mmmmmm... not sure there is an m word that describes me...i will think on it!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Ahhhh, Clinique. Good stuff. :)