Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 68 Life in Pioneer Country

1.Since I live in an area where this is a prominent fixture the pictures below are very common

2.I stopped on the side of the road when I saw this pretty horse right by the fence and when I walked closer to the fence the horse proceeded to walk away

3.and ignore the lady w/ the camera the neighbors came out

4.but the horse tries to hide behind its legs

5.So I moved on to this one

6.who pretended not to see me

7.Is the crazy lady gone yet?

8.And I think this one was just asleep on her feet because she never moved I moved on to the Longhorns but they did not much want to pose either

10.I was admiring their lovely coats

11. When this one literally turned tail and walked away while the neighbors watched

12. but this Handsome one was not at all phased

13.Maybe because they lived on this lovely property

with their own personal caboose!!!

These are the sites we would see for 18 years everyday as I drove my kids to school I am glad we had such beautiful creatures and open spaces to enjoy as well as a fun neighborhood.


Lori said...

Now thats counrty:) Happy TT my friend. Great pics.

Meju said...

The #8 horse looks like my "son", Tony. Great photos.

Pretty Life Online said...

Great list and shots here for TT! Mine's up too hope you can drop by. Happy TT!

txmommy said...

I love those longhorns :)

I'm glad you got your movie back (finally)

We still need to go to lunch. HOw bout when I get back from Ohio we ink it in?

SandyCarlson said...

What serene neighbors you used to have, Marcia. These are great pictures.

Denise Patrick said...

What wonderful views. And to think you enjoyed them daily for 18 years. I wouldn't have thought to stop and take pictures.

Happy TT!

Chuck said...

Definitely blessed to get to see such sites. Hey, I posted some critters too today - not TT, but still. I'm just say'n *smackies*

the teach said...

Marcia, you are so lucky to have such beautiful country surrounding you! Great post and great pix! :)

The Gal Herself said...

The horses look so peaceful and happy. And it certainly would be great to have my very own, private and personal caboose! (Thanks for visiting my TT)

Ellenamo said...

These were good picture to post with Pioneer Day coming up. Makes me think of all the beautiful and scary sites the pioneers encountered on their way across the plains.

smarmoofus said...

Cute narrative to go with all the photos! #12 is an interesting beast. I love his dappled coat.