Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My earliest memories TT

I was thinking I had no great inspiration tonight for a TT post but I think I will post some of my earliest memories growing up 7th 0f 10 children some significant most random

1. Riding my tricycle down the driveway falling,- skinning both knees-getting up riding,- falling again,then my mom bandaging and kissing my elbows (I was 3)
2. Seeing Pres. Kennedy's Coffin covered w/ a flag on TV (I think I was 4)
3. Jumping rope w/ the neighborhood kids in the street in front of our house w/ an old clothes line (from 5-6 on)
4. Riding my banana seat bike pretending it was a horse (about 7)
5. Playing tether ball in my backyard w all the neighborhood kids (from 5-6 on)
6. Our dog having puppies on all our shoes (I think I blocked out my age on this one)
7. Sleep overs at the Brady's, our neighbor's, Tricia and Christine not (Marcia, Jan, and Cindy):)
8. After Swimming at the 6th street pool-having Ham and cheese sandwiches w/ my Dad
9. Making my own paper dolls to play with
10. Getting the rats(what we called tangles)brushed out of my very long curly hair and crying
11. My sister willing to Pound (beat up) anyone who gave me (when I was 5) a rough time--- I always knew she would protect me(Poor Timmy Ritchy)
12. Learning to write my name before going to KDG. w/ one of my sister's (visiting on the porch) boyfriends (I think He later died in Vietnam)
13. Putting Prell shampoo in the bathtub and sliding in our PJ's when we were suppose to be sleeping
What are some of your earliest memories?


Yasmin said...

happy tt and some of my earliest memories include being raised by my grandparents who thought i could do no grandfather taught me how to read when i was four and i've been reading ever since.

maggie's mind said...

Great idea for a 13 list! I remember quite a few little bits and pieces of being 3 or 4, but it's hard to say how much is that I remember the picture of the memory instead of the event itself.

anthonynorth said...

Some great memories there. And they are so important to how we develop.

SandyCarlson said...

Lovely stuff here, Marcia. The puppies story touches my heart. That dog had to do what she had to do!

Hootin' Anni said...

Great list.

Let's see....I think I remember when I was about 4 or 5 maybe...learning to roller skate [remember the kind that had keys to lock the skates on your shoes/feet tight?]

Anyway, where I learned to skate the sidewalk was really bumpy and very jagged...I remember a huge scrape on my knee!! Nasty looking scab too. LOLOLOL

My 13 are listed, I do hope you can find time to stop over! happy thursday

Sue said...

I used to make my own paper dolls too! :) Lovely list, and that photo is great! :)

nikko said...

One of my earliest memories was being sealed to my parents in the SLC temple. I was only 2.5, but I swear I remember parts of it. Amazing.

colleen said...

Prell shampoo and paper dolls! We must be related. I'm the third of nine kids.

One of my earliest memories is putting a rock in my mouth in the yard and wondering if my mother could see me.

Candy Minx said...

Really cool memories. It must have been amazing to grow up in such a big family. I always dreamed of being ina large family.

Thanks for visiting my blog andit's real nice to read your posts and get to "meet" you.


The Gal Herself said...

Beautiful list! #10 is my favorite. I had "snarls," and I hated it if my mom brushed MY hair while yelling at one of my sisters. Amazing how much a powerfully brushed snarl can hurt! (thanks for visiting my TT)

Michelle said...

Wow, these are some sweet and amazing memories of your childhood. I enjoyed reading everyone. It reminds me of my childhood. Ahh, to be a child again. Everything was so new and amazing. Great TT and thanks for stopping by mine.

Sassy Mama Bear said...

What a great TT you have written I don't know if my earliest memories would ever be worth sharing.

Lori said...

Nice memories. One of my fondest and earliest memories involves being stretched out under the Christmas tree in the living room, with all of the lights out except for the "color wheel." Remember those? In any case, the different color lights on the wheel would turn the tree different colors . . . red, yellow, green blue, etc. (smile)

Tink *~*~* said...

Yep, I was always skinning my knees in the driveway, too! What is it about the driveway? LOL!

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Joy Renee said...

wonderful list idea.

i had just turned six when JFK died. we had no tv so my strongest memory about it is of seeing my Mom crying at her sewing machine as she listened to the radio. when i asked what was wrong she said someone shot our president. i didn't understand 'shot' or 'president' but the 'our' made me think it was someone in our family or church.

thanx for visiting my Joy Sayings list

pussreboots said...

I used to make my own paper dolls too and would dress them from the clothing I cut out from the Sears catalog. Happy TT.

Malcolm said...

I really enjoyed reading your list. The one about your older sister beating up those who messed with you brought a smile to my face.

One of my earliest memories is watching reruns of "The Wild, Wild West" in the early 70s. During the opening credits sequence, I would stand in front of the TV and imitate the actions of Jim West.

Catherine said...

I love, love, this post. We share some memories. They're so touching, so precious, so universal. I will share some in a post, but now, it's late, and I must remind me .
To participate, imediately, I would say the moment when my Gramma read me a story, I was sat on her knees. I was looking at her hand holding the book. As soon as she had finished, I was answering her to read it again. And she did so.