Sunday, August 31, 2008

My week / weekend MUCH

We had a full week we went to the Dallas Cowboy game I will post my TT on that one in full we were pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised--

we ate healthy food choices Uggggh

We did not eat this, it was on the wall in the front hallway we were surprised! We often see the little 2-3 inch ones but this one was 5-6 inches:)

I swam w/ my nieces

We got our I did it 100 push up challenge t- shirts:)

went to lunch w/ these two lovely friends

at this yummy salad bar That I enjoyed so much

that when we went to Dallas Sat for 2 sessions and a sealing we went to one in Addison too (random thought I like that as a name for a boy or a girl and most names I only prefer as one gender) We have a short time to spend w/ Z before he leaves --he has a lot he wants to do too so we actually have it all scheduled out

This Hummer Limo pulled up beside us on the access road and it took two pics to get most of it in!!

I am still dealing w/ some health issues and extended family drama
but I guess that is one of the definitions of L-I-F-_E


SandyCarlson said...

A glorious post, as always. The smiles on the faces of your loved ones always make my day, Marcia.

julie said...

Wonderful photos and weekend activities. The smiles of your love ones are gorgeous. And the Hummer? My car enthusiast 7yo son can't believe his eyes :D

by the way, was that your wall? Where the lizard was on? It looks like our walls too :)

Jeanne said...

great photos!

My WS Entry is HERE

nikko said...

Lunch was so fun! I'm glad you were able to come. :o)