Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ruby Tuesday and Irony

Ruby Tuesday

B and I drove down by the lake to take some pictures and thiscap was the first thing that caught my eye -- kinda cute for Ruby Tuesday

Then this

and this

and this and they were not so cute

I want people to care enough to pick up after themselves

And the irony of this box w/ the environmental logo on it trashed on the road side was not lost on me

Then when I got home and looked at these shots I realized while I was trying to get an interesting angle on this directional sign

I captured gun shot holes and the irony of the red paint next to it

I know, not my usual post.


Leora said...

Trashy art at the lake--neat selection of photos. Nice on angle on which way <-->.

Mojo said...

I like the essay as a whole actually. It takes you from that free-floating carefree emotion of the first shot, down to the feeling of foreboding in the last couple.
Nice work. Very thought provoking.

Tommy V said...

I like the red. I can not understand how people can be so cruel and trashy.

juliana said...

there's art in trash if one can see it... and you did! not nice what we do to our environment but i love the shots

No Nonsense Girl said...

you take great pictures whatever the subject of your photo is. :)

Raven said...

Interesting series. Quite a nature hunt you had there. Sad that people are so selfish and destructive. I love your irony shot.

Dianne said...

I'll never understand people who don't respect the space they share with the world!

your photo series is wonderful.

the gun shot holes startled me a bit.

Jim said...

Hi JIMG, I'm surprised, you aren't usually doing this kind of post! Have you gone green? I subscibe to the Tree Hugger Newsletter, I could send you a link?
Too bad people have to shoot up the signs, I don't think many get caught. Or think that they hurt very many people for that matter. :-)
Thank you for peeking in at my Red Russian oldies, Happy RRtU!
BTW, thank you also for signing "Marcia" now, I could stop calling you JIMG. I sort of like that kind of name, I am JIMH.

ellen b. said...

We are always so surprised by all the trash on our beautiful beaches, etc. That has motivated us to sign up for a coastal clean up day coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, litterbugs not cool for sure.

Anne said...

the trash- how sad, but great shots!
Irionic bullet holes on the which way sign, funny what we capture when we least expect it.
I'm doing much better- the swelling is only in my shoulders and neck now, but passing quickly. What a fluke it was!! I commented back on your comment about it, did you see?

Ralph said...

It makes one think that so many of those who preach 'gerrn' aften forget to live green...

the teach said...

Great shot, the red cap! And all the rest which really does send a message! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Gretchen said...

It is an interesting post. We were at the beach a couple weeks ago and it was sick to see all the cigarette butts. People are pigs, plain and simple. Then on a hike out in the woods the other day, it was condom wrappers and their USED contents. GAG!