Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Coffee table books not on a coffee table

My inspiration for TT this week looked to my old friends books -- I know most of you have coffee table books --- here are 13 of mine.

I know my art books are not sophisticated but I like Monet I do--- most of these have been gifts or I have had them a very long time

1.Bottom Lines Secret Food Cures by Wilen & Wilen

2. Who's Who in American High schools 2003- 2004

3.Art a Crash Coure--Freeman

4. Since the World Began - Walt Disney World the First 25 years

5. Monet--Beaux Arts Edition

6. Norman Rockwell-- Norman Rockwell museum

7. Monet -- Vanessa Potts

8.Impressions of a Prophet -- Swindle

9.World Trade Center- The Giants that Defied the Sky-peter Skinner

10.Indians of the Southwest -- Collier

11.You Are Special Max Lucado

12.Remember the Martin and Wiley hand Carts- Riverton Wyoming Stake

13 By far my all time favorite Irish Blessings -- Courage --- the beauty of Ireland as I would like to shoot it as well

What's on you Coffee table?


yasmin said...

Happy TT and a blog with a great view--photos of coffee table books!
Oh and Who's Who...they get everyone don't
Fellow TT Participant

Shannon H. said...

I don't keep ANY books on my coffee table LOL I spill things too easily!

Great list!

HopelesslyDevine said...

I don't own a coffee table! LOL But I love your books!!! Great taste!!!

cat said...

"Ireland" (did you get yours from John,too)...."100 Years of The Cleveland Indians"...and "President Kennedy Has Been Shot".