Monday, August 18, 2008

weekend fun

Sat Z and I got a lot of shopping done--- good sales-- and tax FREE

We had a big swim party for church at the small water park here in town and my nieces came they swam and went down the slides and froze it was like 80 and lightly raining we are used to 100 and above but the night was so fun lots of fun visiting ;
I was whining about how I would miss Z he wants to spend time w/ his friends before he leaves (Go figure):) he actually volunteered to play me Scrabble(my favorite) after my seminary meeting tonight and we had a lot of fun till ---- he BEAT ME uggghh that a was first Ouch!!


Jeanne said...

i love swimming too

Anne said...

Happy shopping! Aren't boys just so easy to shop for??
I love tax free :)