Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nicest Surprise

My son Richie was coming in town for an interview and it was nice that he was going to get to visit Zach before he left and Thurs night when we picked him up. they all knew but me that my DIL Britni got to come too What a nice surprise!!! --

so While Richie was interviewing and Zach was off w/ friends Britni and I got to play and do some fun things for her Birthdaythat is next week-- I had to cancel a chiro apt on $10.00 day But......... we did this it was SO nice

and this just for fun

We all played gamess and went to eat last night

Tonight we are off for more family fun and food w/ Zach before he goes


Shauna6pack said...

Oh! How fun!

Rosemary said...

sounds like a nice day love the toenail polish, also loved the pics of the streets in your other posting.

txmommy said...

cute toes!

HOw fun to have everyone together for the weekend!!

Catherine said...

It sounds like a nice family time. You all get the same smile. Has someone already told you?

You still wear flip-flop? Us, we'll find them again in 10 months! How it is hard to write it!
I can tell you I'm not smiling at all.

Jay said...

What a fun time to be had before you sent your missionary off! The toes look great!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys had such fun!

Brenda ND said...

It's fun to have relatives visit!