Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Snapshot hostess w/o the mostess

Well, we were so terribly grateful that hurricane Ike only brought us a lovely soaking rain and are praying for those who had the damaging storms.
We had Z's b-day and open house we only invited a few families that have been special in Z's life and we were so excited to see them
My niece and her hubby came over early to help some I was so grateful she made a cake too.

--had plenty of food-

and my house was a little prettied up w/ snapshots throughout Z'S life (I am more comfortable behind the camera.)

but as outgoing as I can be sometimes, we are basically a reserved group - my husband and son are pretty shy when it comes to entertaining- we had a few too many people (37) to have everyone all together-- so some were outside some in the DR- LR- and KIT we have a very small house

look how skinny you look K:)

this picture looks like they are enjoying themselves --I am glad - but it was no doing on my part

I made lots of food--
My sister made her yummy corn salsa Thanks T for everything.
My friend L made a cake too thanks L :) it was so yummy and one of Z"s favorite..---
But other than when we sang happy Birthday

Z preferred to sit and chat w/ his friends --

which I am great with, but entertaining to me is stressful -- when there is not a planned activity, because I feel like I need to make sure everyone is having a nice time-- I am so grateful people came to support Z and us and they were generous too, But the fun entertainment we got at the end might have helped in the middle when I felt so stressed-- does it stress you to have people over?

GO S!!


Carver said...

Looks like everyone was having fun and the food looks great. I'm glad you didn't have problems with the hurricane. I feel for all those people coping with the aftermath.

I'm not much for entertaining myself.

Napaboaniya said...

The spread of food is sumptuous!! I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves as well as the food :)

I'm grateful too that the hurricane didn't hit ur place. Heart goes out to those have :(

Munchkin Mommy said...

the food look yummy...the fruits, specially! i love the colors!

we didn't get any rain at all here in austin. not that i'm complaining. it just feels weird knowing that 3 hours away from us, the damages were just plain awful. :(

Indrani said...

Glad the hurricane didn't effect you. And what yum spread of food!

JennWasHere said...

I am so happy hurricane Ike didn't do that much damage in your area. The rolled out bread looks delicious! What's it called?

My WS entries are posted here and here. Have a great week ahead!

SandyCarlson said...

Everything looks wonderful. You have a fun family! I am glad you did well by the hurricane.

sho said...

the ceiling of your home is wonderfully high. And a trampolin! AWESOME!!! Wish I had such luxuries in my new pad! lol.

txmommy said...

i was sorry to hear I missed the flips! E would have been impressed :)
we had a very lovely time, thanks for inviting us.

cookie said...

Its a blessing that you were spared by the hurricane. Thats truly reason enough to celebrate :)

nikko said...

I guess we left to early for the entertainment. We had a fun evening, though. Thanks for inviting us.

But, posting a picture of my backside might have lost you some brownie points. LOL. ;o)

Shauna6pack said...

Looks like a great time. I'm sad I wont get to see Z before he goes into the MTC. Let him know we are wishing we could have been there, too.

And yes, I have entertaining anxiety, too. You should have seen me yesterday, all freaked out because I made muffins and took orange juice and milk for Primary teacher appreciation and was worried the teachers would think it was lame.

I have a good life said...

Sounds like such a great time. You are a great hostess and we have such awesome friends. Aren't we lucky?

PS Thanks for your note. I needed it.

Jeanne said...

i'm sure you had great time together!

Mine is up HERE

tigerfish said...

Glad that the hurricane did not affect you and you can have an enjoyable entertaining time :)

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

Thanks for having us over. Great food, great friends!

Yes, entertaining stesses me also. I suppose that's why I do it so rare. Although I couldn't tell you were stressed, does that help?