Monday, October 27, 2008


This week I made bread and also these little loaves. I took them to my early morning Seminary class when we discussed the miracle of the loaves and fishes and the kids happily ate them w/ butter and jam. I don't remember reading about jam in the Bible but..that's ok:) I have enjoyed the Challenge of teaching teenagers at 6:00 AM every day --they are fun, at times funny, often insightful and thoughtful and of course always sleepy:)me too.

I also saw this pretty tree some of the first color I have seen near my house-- i love fall crispness and color

this guy peeked over the freeway at me

And then I got a better view of this one down the road


txmommy said...

your little loaves are so cute!

Carver said...

The bread looks delicious. Lovely fall shots too.

Stev&EMz said...

is that a giant jack o lantern? wow.. thats fun to watch

April said...

Your bread looks great - I love homemade bread and buns. Great pictures of the giant pumpkins, too.

JO said...


Here's my entry. Thanks.

Katy said...

great photos!