Sunday, November 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

I talked to my Dad today it is his 78th birthday - two weeks ago he could not recognize people or even speak-- today he knew who I was on the phone and I was so touched -- he was a little confused on other things but he knew me -- we talked of a few memories of my childhood and then he got hiccups and had to go :)-- I love this man and was able to tell him that one more time. He has always been sweet and kind -- today was no exception -- I may not get to hear it too many more times but I will never tire of the words "I love you" from my Dad.


Yasmin said... heartwarming...happy b-day to your dad and may it be a wonderful one for him!

Sue and Mark said...

How sweet!! I miss so much those words from my dad.

He never missed the chance to say them. There is something precious about a relationship between daughter and Father..

Happy b-day to your dad..He raised a beautiful daughter who I'm sure he was proud of and still is..