Monday, November 17, 2008

Journal Update. , . . . . . . . . (weekend snapshot scroll down to previous post)

I went to a Concert /fireside by Jenny Phillips last night at the stake center,she is a very talented singer/ speaker that has done 1000 firesides she was amazing. It was about being a daughter of the King and staying strong. And keeping our lights strong. It was awesome.
One of Zach's friends stopped by last night and is now working at a bookstore w/ another member of our church and shared w/ me some of the missionary work he did before he left - I had no idea and it warmed my heart

I had Dani cut and color my hair when she was in town it is short again and Ireally love it. Becca got to visit w/ her for a little bit too after 3 attempts I got her to go over there. Yesterday I took a really hard fall in the kitchen while holding some dishes and Becca was able to help me sweep up all the glass and get up off the ground and I am surprisingly just fine

Today's lesson in Seminary was GREAT we did the good Samaritan- acted it out - and read an account by N. Elden Tanner that was very insightful- At first as part of the lesson I dropped by box of pens markers and scissors and made it look like an accident and everyone laughed- as I bent to pick them up only two students came to my assistance Rebecca and Archer and I was touched that they were my good Samaritans. After acting it out and reading we sang the first and the last verse to A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief and I was so touched by the strong spirit there --- that led into Mary and Martha and how the Savior said Mary did the better part by listening to Him instead of continuously preparing. I want to be more like her- and less like Martha!
I was able to bear my testimony of the Savior and the work I would want to do on myself if he were coming to my house and what I would want to ask of him, and then challenged them to ask Him now in their prayers what they would ask Him if he were here. I felt good after this lesson.
My mom continues to recover some of the rest of my family are still struggling but I pray for a full recovery. Grandpa bought us the nut order yesterday, he is so thoughtful.
I have been out of sorts as of late I have plenty to do but I have lost several of my identities lately -- so I am having to figure myself out:) As well as an empty nest I am not a part of a presidency as I have been in the past--not in PTA or PTO-No HS sports to attend-not even book club -- life sure changes
Anybody have any ideas for a service project we can do for Christmas in Seminary time?
I pray for us and all to resist temptation, remain faithful and stand for the right!


I have a good life said...

Love you, M! You are so inspiring to me. I love your seminary lesson today. Last night's concert was great! :) I really needed that uplift. Thanks for your prayers. I need them all. :)

Shauna6pack said...

What happened to book group?