Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 13 reasons I like cranberries

13 reasons I am like a cranberry

1.They are red(my favorite color)
2.They are tangy and tart, (only in the nicest way)
3.They are better as part of something like a bread or pie or dinner(like a family, -a couple, a group of friends)
4.They float - (me too)

5.They make a good juice
6.They like to hang around with oranges (I find oranges very appealing)
7.They love salads (My favorite foods)
8.They are Saucy (Moi?)
9.They were at the first Thanksgiving
10.If you boil them they pop (when I am overheated I want to explode)
11.They have healing properties(
12. They are good in Dressing ( I dress pretty good too)

13.They are round but pleasant(I'm stretching)I know:)
-- I just wanted to show these pretty shots I took of cranberries while cooking today Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Vera said...

I must say, the pictures got most of my attention! Happy TT! :)

FickleMinded said...

Yummy! I always drink cranberry juice.Happy Thanksgiving!!

Nicholas said...

I'm not very fond of them but I understand they are very good for you.

anthonynorth said...

They they certainly look lovely.

Betty said...

LOL! Great post! I love cranberry juice, and I think your sense of humor is great! =)

Catherine said...

I like them too (you as well). But we know them only as a drinking.
I like to watch them on your pictures especially boiling in hot water.
I love to eat sweet and tangy food.

Anonymous said...

The photos are great! I am a fellow cranberry lover as well. I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

colleen said...

Rich and juicy. Love a good cranberry bread but never eat it plain from the can. I remember seeing cranberry bogs when I lived in Massachusetts.

Jennie said...


happy thanksgiving! so much to be grateful for! have a great day!

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

Very nice list. I love cranberry juice the most!!

Yasmin said...

Happy TT and your cranberries look scrumptious.