Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Movie

I went w/ a group of about 15 or so other girls ranging from 13 to---- yeah I was probably the oldest, ok, I was the oldest, but hey a good romance thriller is ageless right,--but I digress we went to the midnight showing of Twilight it was fun to be there w/ everyone waiting for it to start for 2 hours in the Theater.

The movie --- well hmmm-- although it was not the visuals, the hair or the faces I would have chosen, it was still very fun!!!Its been awhile since I read the books so I had forgotten enough to make the viewing still very suspenseful.
some had a little more fun than others:)

I just let go of my ideas and went w/ the movie so I thoroughly enjoyed it-- that is what happens when you are sleep deprived and it worked. and eventually the 1 1/2 of sleep I got is going to catch up w/ me but--- I am still basking in the icy glow of the fun..


Sue said...

How much fun is that??

I can't wait to see the movie..

There is very deep dark place in me that loves vampires..I always have.( of course in a very pretend way)

Catherine said...

My daughter read ywice the 4 volumes. I began to read the 2 first with pleasure. I've start the 3rd and don't manage to arrive at the end. I found this one so lonnnggg! I 'll try to finish these 2 last books before the release of the movie in France in January. My daughter has yet seen in magazines actors and actresses they've chosen, and don't imagined them that way. But, as you, we'll try to forget our bias.

The Tall and Short of it said...

How fun was that??!!
BTW you are NOT OLD!! You are a friend, you are just one of the girls!! :)

SandyCarlson said...

This series is so very popular. I am glad you enjoyed yourself. I hope to catch up with the world at some point and read or see some of this. Thanks for sharing the fun, Marcia.

Jennie said...

how fun! i am so excited to see it!