Tuesday, December 23, 2008


What fun I know some of you may think I am odd but I love to Carol it is so Christmassy and feels like we are brightening lives (mostly mine)
My sister had us go to visiting w/her and it was fun.

Catching people while they are singingis kinda funny ya never know what you'll get ....this guy was so cute handing out all the treats

He has a smile that lights up a room.

On a side note hubby and I have been going together to work out lately and it is so nice to go TOGETHER


Sue and Mark said...

We had a family in our other ward that came caroling every year ..It was their neighbor gift..At the time we would kinda chuckle ( because my boys would never do that) but you know what? I don't remember any other neighbor gift but that one..

When you give of yourself its always the best.

babooshka said...

We alway have carolers on Christmas Eve in fine voice.