Monday, December 08, 2008

My Weekend

My weekend was so good, We got our new Washer and Dryer -the floors measured for the installation the furniture repaired- I volunteered with my sister's neighborhood Historic Tour of Homes and then Toured them too. We had fun doing it together. It was so cool seeing all the lovely restorations, wonderful antiques,and Beautiful decorations. More on this later.
Yesterday was so nice, we went to see the Nativity displays (there were tooo many for my hubby:) and A Christmas Sing-along we sang all of the Carols in the Hymnal a- bout 15-20 Then it went right into the First Presidency Christmas Devotional --That was wonderful-- I know we need to simplify our lives and share the truth. It was so pretty the Chapel in Arlington was all Decked out in Greenery light and trees.

These were a few of the many that appealed to me (I will post more later)

This is an Eskimo one:)

there were so many all white ones
this one was huge this is a whole room

see what this one says?

This may have been my favorite unique one from Mexico

We do not have many decorations up at our house yet, this will be done after we get the floors in this week


Carver said...

Sounds like a good, if busy, weekend. I love the nativity scenes.

Catherine said...

I love the colored "Joy". They're a little bit stylized.

Sue and Mark said...

busy week! all fun stuff.. love the pics.

you'll have to post your decorations when you get them up..I might do pics.of mine next week..

SandyCarlson said...

What beautiful creches. He comes to us in every person in every place!

Anonymous said...

Good to know you have enjoyed your busy weekend. Lovely photos.

sho said...

I like the eskimo interpretation of the Nativity scene best.