Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Planets/Messiah Concert /lights

I tried to get a shot of The planets w/the moon last night but it did not work I was in a hurry and you cannot hurry a night sky shot

We got to a wonderful Messiah performance at Weatherford College I sang along silently what I knew and so enjoyed it

My Favorite part was T's solo's she has an amazing voice

I tried to get shots this AM of the park lights but I was ten minutes too late and it was really light but they are still pretty

Not my Best photography today, I must be off, I hope its not my camera -- I think it is the low lighting but I just wanted to document these events


Catherine said...

I've seen in an other blog these 2 planets and the moon. It was the opposite, planets above the moon, it made a smiley! Next time, for this opportunity : 2052!

Sue and Mark said...

T is beautiful..

You captured great shots of the gazebos with their lights..

I so want a gazebo in my yard..Its definitely on my want list.