Sunday, January 04, 2009

WS New Goals

We went hiking

and i saw this little seat just the right size for an elf.:)

Here are a few of my New Goals --- any input on how to accomplish would be helpful.

New years goals
Organize Family photos (Each Wednesday sort one photo box)
Organize Family photos still in Computer (each week take some to be printed and put in album immediately)
Organize my home ( clean out one drawer,cupboard, or corner each day-- make a schedule)
Be prepared earlier for my responsibilities (calendar and make a time budget)
Be more thoughtful (pray for family and friends by name daily)
Read more (reestablish Book group)
Make good food Choices (Prepare ahead)
Move everyday (do it first thing in the AM)
get enough sleep (try to accomplish above before 7:00 pm)


Love My Cottage Garden said...

Sounds like some awesome goals, I am going to have to try some myself.

rachael said...

That is quite the list of goals there! You've inspired me to make some more for myself.

Anonymous said...

I think organizing your photos both hard and digital copies is something Everyone should resolve to do especially ME! Good luck.

Db said...

A new pair of shoes? LOL! Great list. I hope you will accomplish everything. Good luck!

cat said...

how about ..."come to Ohio" ?

ces said...

cn i copy your goals? haha! sounds like i should be doing those too:) nice capture of the trunk:)

Anonymous said...

yeah i would love it! a lady from church gave us the bedding and all the decorations! and then we found the crib/dresser/changing table on craigslist ALL of it for only 225!!! we could not believe it! only down fall was we had to drive all the way to plano to get it on new years eve.. but it was WELL worth it!

SandyCarlson said...

I like your list. Schedule the time for these things as you would a "chore" and see how it gets done!