Thursday, January 01, 2009

TT What gifts mean to me

I know lots of people dislike the giving and getting of gifts thinking it takes away the true meaning of Christmas I actually think if you feel that way then don't do it- Gifts come from the heart a way to show our love to those we care about and vice versa--- I like to carefully choose something that I think the receiver will find joy in.... The only thing that could take away that warm feeling is if I or someone who gave me a gift went in debt for it. I won't share what I gave as much as what was given to me and what it meant to me
1. it is not a new camera, it is a professional 8 week class that will help me learn to be a better Photographer hubby knows my passion and that I have wanted to go to this since hearing about it last April

2. the phone call from my youngest son who is serving as a missionary in California, He sounded so good which was the best gift for a mother's heart

My sister lives out of state- one day we were on the phone- enjoying long distance shopping together her describing sparkly jingle bells and me picturing and hearing them, it was very fun, so when I opened this package from her I thought "my sister went jingle bell crazy" and I loved it!!! it was if we bought them together so that will be a fun memory every time I take them out

My sister who lives here in town did a most thoughtful thing she snagged pictures off my blog and put them in two different calendars and greeting cards it made me feel very loved and like a professional I took a picture of January and it is my current header

My daughter knows I like to write letters and little cards so she got me these and the April angel (my birthstone)and lots of other stuff to show she loves me which she does not often admit to:)

and these cute glasses since they are Irish:)

My dear friend out of state has so much fun w/ this she knows once I try it i will love it too SHe has recently caught the photo bug and it is so fun

Our cousins knew we lost this in the flood so replaced a fav game of ours

My dear friend here knows I love to set a pretty table and gave me these early enough to use many times :)

My eldest son and DIL know two of my passions are walking and Yoga and knew I wanted a quality pedometer so I was very thrilled i will use it Daily!

My sister here got me a lightly scented wintry gift set-- what was the best about this was her thrill to do it

My second son and I share the exercise bug and he gave me Yoga socks and a gift card to get a new yoga/workout outfit

His lovely girlfriend's family had their Christmases early so she got to join us and got mw these yummy smelling gifts-- that was so thoughtful of her

Hubby knew we could use this and was only supposed to give me the class so I got to open a few little things too

Santa knew I would think these were just the cutest and put them in my stocking

Thank you all I feel very loved and love all of you.


Catherine said...

Marcia you're very spoiled ; ) May I write loved!
My favorite is your sister's calendar, very personal, and well-thought! But the calendar will be even more beautiful next year, after the 8 weeks photo class! One of the best present too!
Your family knows you so well, that they do exactely what you adviced : carefully choosing.

Yasmin said...

Happy TT and wonderful gifts...I esp. loved the phone call from your son...but all of them are awesome.

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

It looks like you recieved a lot of meaningful gifts from a lot of thoughful friends :D I am happy you got a phone call!! I can't wait till Mother's Day.
Happy New Year!

Love My Cottage Garden said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the calendar idea. I wanna make me one soon. Happy New year to you and your family.

Sue and Mark said...

great post. What sweet gift ideas.