Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My World Dallas West End Ruby Tuesday

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Ruby Tuesday

This is a fun area in Downtown Dallas I went this weekend w/ my photography class it has open restaurants and shops of all kinds

You can shop

reflect on the beauty


ride a carriage

Ride or maybe even walk right through a train

See interesting people

Doing interesting things

Its a pretty and fun place.


Lily Hydrangea said...

this looks like a nice place to spend the day. Great photos!

Tink *~*~* said...

You found some good bits of red - the ketchup bottle, the bricks, some red on the beer bottle even. Love that street lamp/sign post combo. That's a great piece of ambiance.

Tink *~*~*
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splummer said...

Looks like a great place! Never been to Texas! Have a great day!!


Louise said...

Excellent photography in your depiction of the different faces of downtown Dallas!

Catherine said...

Thanks for the tour in your world, Marcia.
I love the lamp with the street sign. It gets style.
As well as this beautiful "mirror" building.

Sue and Mark said...

Loved the fruit-- so colorful.

Luv Texas.Thanx for the pics.

♥ Kathy said...

I love Dallas! And the reflection shot is great!

soulbrush said...

hiya, thanks for your visit, love this set of pics...and the name of your blog!

The Good Life in Virginia said...

what a great post...loved all the bits and pieces around dallas west end. never been to that part of town.
have a great week.

Pia K said...

Interesting set of photos! My favourites are the lamppost/street sign/skryscraper and the guy caught in his own world of thoughts.

Linnea W said...

What an intriguing place. You've done a great job capturing the contrasts and activities of this center. I enjoyed your photos a lot. Happy RT!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Thanks for the tour of Dallas's West End. Fun photos.

Jim said...

Hi JIMG, you make Dalas sound pretty nice. I always get lost and it takes hours to find my way to someplace on the map.
Now with my GPS, a present from the kids, I would be able to do better.
Happy RT! Come see my mild escapades in Willis and Brenham if you'd like (Jim's Little Blog).
BTW, I hope you got a good grade. Or were you the teacher?

Raven said...

Lovely series of photos. Nice to see a bit of Dallas.... like I've been on a little mini vacation.

Grammy said...

I too have a goal of Joy and happiness. And so far succeeding. Yea!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful world. I love the photos.
Have a great week.
Missouri, USA

Robin said...

That carriage photo is a fun one - I'm jealous you're taking a class, I'd love to do one.

Dianne said...

a fun place

love the motion shots

MindyLew said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day!Thanks for sharing all your wonderful captures!! :)

SandyCarlson said...

That fruit looks good!

Tranquility said...

Your world looks like a fun, busy, interesting place to be!!

Natalie said...

Love you pictures. You have a "good eye".

stan said...

You really warm the reader up to the city through your pictorial introduction to Dallas. Great shots btw!