Thursday, February 05, 2009

Valentine ALphabet (join in ) "A"

Its been awhile I have been out of town and my computer disk is so full my pictures won't load:( (could it be the 120,000 pictures I have on here in two places?) I am thinking on a solution any ideas?--so till then I stole an idea from some one for the letter A I will list things I love that start with A I am sure it is because it is Valentine month and I am 5 days behind I will try to catch up too
"A" in Random order and not completed
I love

* I seem to love avoiding whats really on my mind and trying to be positive here on my blog
*animals not to overrun my house but esp to photograph

*Amatangelos my sisters family

*attitude esp happy ones

*Action I always enjoyed watching my children's sports and participating in action I like

I love being an Aunt
I know there are lots more.... what do you love?


Catherine said...

What I love with an A ? It would be easier to answer in French in that case.
Amour for my fAmilly, for my Amis (friends).Here you get the most important A loves in my life, Marcia.

Sue said...



my g-daughter "alexandra"

nikko said...

Sounds like it's time to buy an external hard drive to store your photos on if your regular hard drive is full. Or time to delete some files. ;o)

cat said...

agapanthus AND asparagus